About me

It's Been A Few Years Since I Started Programming. I Started With The C Language And After A Short Time (6 Months) I Migrated To Web Development, I studied in the software field, and have a diploma in software, and now I study for an associate degree. I am busy at my father's car repair shop, I learn coding in my free time, have a lot of software interest and follow computer science, am a lover of open source projects, and take a lot of time in GitHub and open source projects, I know `golang` and `javascript` languages, and made several exercise projects using them, like a video call project, reservation system, URL shortener system and..., I have used many things in my projects like Kafka, Redis, SQL, ReactJS, gRPC. Generally, I love to improve my skills and knowledge, My Hobby Is Coding, I Try To Code And Learn Every Day

My Skills

  • Golang
  • Sql Databases
  • Javascript + ES6
  • gRPC
  • ReactJS + ReduxJS
  • <HTML />
  • CSS + $SASS
  • NextJS
  • NodeJS & ExpressJS
  • Redis & MongoDB
  • Git & Git-Flow
  • Docker
  • Unix
  • RegExp
  • C Language [No so much]